Time to catch up ya bimbo!

Hey Everyone,

It's been a while since our last news update, which is lame... Our bad!

We said goodbye to our drummer and good friend DanBibb. The ManBibb accepted a new job, and has moved on to bigger and better things in North Carolina. His Taun Taun will continue live on in the heart of Fallen Among Thieves. We miss you BibbyPants.

Oh... and we got some new members. Ian Anderson has taken Dan's place on drums, Sean Hillard will be laying down the low end on bass, and Carolyn Leber-Eyrich is adding her kitty loving sparkle on additional vocals. It's kind of nice practicing and writing with a full band. For Josh and I, it's been quite a bit. Up to this point the two of us had been writing the songs, and adopting them to a full band format, mostly after the recording of Honey Mouth.

Which brings us to the last bit of catching up. We're writing new material for our second release, which will come in the form of a cassette tape! Don't worry, it will be available for download as well. We plan to record two brand new songs, and two cover songs from a band I bet you've never heard of.  

Keep an eye out for more frequent updates, videos, etc.